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Tuesday, 8 June 2021

These features of the car do not let you get tired during driving, do you know about them

 New Delhi, Auto Desk. There are many types of features in the cabin of all the cars in India. Many of these features are such that they are specially made for the driver, so that the best experience can be given during driving and the driver can be saved from fatigue. If these features are not provided in the car, then driving can prove to be very dangerous as it will cause fatigue to the driver. Today we are going to tell you about some such features given in the car which do not let you get tired during driving and make your drive very safe.

ventilated seats

Ventilated Seats The concept of seats has now become common in India. Till a few years ago, the cooling in the car used to depend on the air conditioner for cooling but now it is not so because now special ventilated seats are offered in the cars which provide instant cooling to the driver which takes few seconds. .

cruise control

Driving on long and empty highways proves to be quite tiring at times. In such a situation, cruise control is provided in most premium cars. Once you have this feature on, you do not have to press the car's accelerator again and again.

air purifiers

The air purifier keeps the air in the cabin of the car clean. If it is not there, then when the window is opened, the fumes of diesel and petrol come in, which causes problems while driving the car. In this case, the air purifier makes your drive easier.

automatic climate control

Automatic climate control works to control the temperature of the car. It automatically detects whether the heat is high or low and then cools the car accordingly.

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