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Tuesday, 8 June 2021

After the release of The Family Man 2, 'Chelam sir' was everywhere, the memes went viral on social media

 New Delhi, Jnn. You must not have forgotten Katappa of SS Rajamouli's film Bahubali - The Beginning release in 2015. Remember that question will also be – why did Katappa kill Bahubali? And you will remember all those memes, which were covered on the internet at that time. Although each character of the Bahubali series was unique in itself, the character who gained the most popularity was Katappa. This character was played by P Sathyaraj.

A similar scene is now seen in social media. This time in the center is Chellam sir. There are memes in social media about this character of The Family Man 2. The funny thing is, the total screen time of Chellam sir's character in the 9 episode series will be barely 15 minutes, but the portrayal and acting of this character impressed the audience so much that he is no less than Srikant Tiwari in terms of popularity.

who is chellam sir

Chellam Sir is a retired officer of the Secret Service, who lives in Chennai. Task's Senior Analyst Shrikant Tiwari (Manoj Bajpayee) is in touch with Chellam Sir and calls Chellam Sir whenever any highly confidential information is required. Chellam sir is a treasure trove of information, but there is a protocol to call him. Looking at Chellam Sir in pure Madrasi attire, it is difficult to imagine that he must have been such a great officer of the Secret Service.

who is chellam sir in real life

The character of Chellam sir is played by Tamil actor and director Udaya Mahesh (Udayabhanu Maheshwaran). If you have seen Sudhir Mishra's Nawazuddin Siddiqui starrer Serious Man, then Uday Mahesh will have no problem in recognizing you. In Serious Man, he played a character named Namboodiri.

He has worked in many Tamil films. However, this is the debut in the web series. His character as the country head of an IT company in Star Vijay's serial Office became very popular.

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